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What is Technical Diving?
Why should I do Technical Diving?

Technical diving is essentially where you exceed your NDL (No Decompression Limits) or enter overhead environments such as Caves or Mines. Why? Contradiction to what you may believe technical diving isn't "scary, dark, deep' dives, a good example to use for you will be a dive site many of you will have been to on a Canary Trip, The Mv Karwela Wreck in Gozo! This is a fantastic dive but as you know due to the depth we don't get very long there before having to head back, as a technical diver on this site you could spend a longer amount of time properly exploring the wreck enjoying the dive to its fullest before heading over to the reef to enjoy looking at the fish whilst on your decompression stops, sounds nice eh?

Technical Diving is something that requires gaining substantial experience between each level before moving further and not pushing your limits. Technical diving isn't bounce diving to an arbitrary number to look at a bit of sand for a minute then spend several hours on a line, in fact Canary despise this kind of behaviour as its reckless, dangerous and gives serious misconceptions to what technical diving is. Technical Diving is making some extraordinary dives to fantastic places, along with making the most out of dive sites you already know and love.

Canary DiversTechnical Diver Training

What Courses Do Canary Divers offer?

Canary Divers offer Technical Diver Training from entry level through to full Trimix courses, and with our training partners we can offer all levels of technical training including Rebreather training on lots of popular units such as (Poseidon, VMS, JJ and AP) we can also offer Cave Diver training too!

Where to start? Not sure if Technical Diving is for You?

The Technical Basics and Rescue course is the starting block is a not a technical course as it doesn't allow you any decompression or any depth progression, it does however cover the fundamentals of Technical Diving, from how to set up your equipment, how to plan technical dives, Technical diver skills even rescue procedures in technical diving. At Canary Divers we recommend this course to ANY avid diver, even if your not interested in technical diving this course will improve your diving skill base and we can guarantee you will learn something new that will add to your diving SAFETY. If your not sure if technical diving is for you then this course is perfect and will answer all your questions. the pre-requisites for this course are: You will need to be a qualified Rescue Diver or higher, You will need to be at least 16 Years old and you will need to have a variety of diving experience such as diving in the sea, lakes, good visibility, bad visibility etc. Canary DiversTechnical Diver Training

Getting Technical at Canary Divers

Canary Divers have our very own Technical Diving and Rebreather room at our shop, purpose built for all your technical diving needs! We have a fully kitted out service room with the capability of oxygen cleaning and fully trained technicians on site. With an Active club of Technical Divers you can expect to see Canary and our technical partners running more Technical Trips across the UK and internationally, keep an eye out on the canary page for upcoming events, We have some of the most beautiful dive sites in the UK with having a Technical Qualification you can make the most out of these sites.

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