Ammonite Accu Thermo 24aH Battery Pack

Ammonite Accu Thermo 24aH Battery Pack

  • a universal power supply source for all heads

  • durable and safe lithium-ion (Li-Ion) cells

  • small size, low weight

ACCU LITHIUM contains a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery, completely free of the so-called lazy battery effect and protected against overvoltage. The battery does not have to be regularly refreshed (discharged and recharged). The casing is made of DELRIN (polyacetal)* and aluminium alloy hard anodised coated with mechanical damage resistant. It is sealed with two o-rings and equipped with a safety valve. ACCU LITHIUMfeatures a socket to plug in the cable providing power supply to the head. The power supply cable plug is equipped with two o-rings enabling tight connection when twisted into the socket in the tank's cover. ACCU LITHIUMin its standard version features a handle for fastening to the hip belt or under the belt fastening the cylinder. Other fastening solutions are offered optionally.

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