Platinum Membership

Perfect for Active Year Round Divers and Newly Qualified Divers

Join the Canary Tribe with Platinum membership! All you need to do is complete and email back the membership application that will be sent to you via email (paper on request) after checkout of this product.

You Get:

  • Access to Canary Divers members group, plan and arrange dives with members.
  • Free Canary Divers newsletters via Email.
  • Bolt on a FREE Canary Club membership and earn rewards!
  • FREE Digital Recognition Card (if eligible) (Speciality, Advanced, Master, Century, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro)
  • Free additional tuition and advice after completing a course with us.
  • Free Guided dives by a Canary Professional (where applicable)
  • 20% off Canary Divers branded clothing.
  • Free Canary Divers T-shirt.
  • Unlimited FULL kit hires (subject to avaliblity)
  • Unlimited FREE airfills.
  • 100% Discount on refesher courses.
  • FREE POOL access (including equipment hire/ subject to avaliblity)
  • 15% Discount on ALL courses.
  • Nitrox up to 40% at £6 a fill up to a single 15l cylinder.
  • FREE Bottle of Canary Spit.
  • FREE Canary Spit refills.
  • FREE use of Canary equipment disinfectant.
  • FREE use of the Canary Kit washer for your own equipment.
  • Access to testing the latest equipment Free of charge.
  • Access to Rebreather hire.
  • 20% discount off workshops
  • Discounted Equipment Servicing.
  • Luxuary Platinum membership Card.

***For the monthly payment option you will be charged the first monthy fee, upon completion of the membership application and monthly direct debit payments set up you will reccive your membership card, for more infomation please feel free to contact us on 01254 659145.***

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