Poseidon Wing and Backplate

The Poseidon Wing & Backplate is tailored to fit the Poseidon Se7en, but is also great for scuba diving. Made in Ballistic nylon with an integrated deflate system and custom made back plate. The webbing and buckle system is adapted from the Poseidon platform. The black aluminum backplate is covered in Nylon for protection and a higher comfort. The four D-rings will make it easy to attach your bailout tank/-s or anyother equipment you would like to take along on your dive.

Colour: Black

Material: Nylon 1680, Aluminum backplate, three­way buckle

Technical features:

Self retracting bladder, three dumpvalves, Nylon covered black aluminium backplate.

Maximum bouyancy is 150 N which is reached in 5-8 seconds.

Dry weight is 1.8k

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