Kris Fearnley Diving

Kris is the owner of Canary Divers, our resident Regional Training Director, Technical Instructor, Commercial Diver & Service Technician. He has been diving most of his life. As soon as he turned 18 he started his professional diving career working as a Commercial Diver, doing everything from welding and construction to inspection and media diving. In 2016 Kris became a Regional Training Director as part of this role Kris can teach Instructor Trainers and conduct Instructor Examinations.

During his late teens Kris achieved the Full Cave certification and actively started Cave Diving and Technical Diving. Coming from a background of youth diving, Kris likes to promote and help youth divers, he is one of the founders of the Youth Divers Network.

Kris has travelled the world diving, training divers and running trips, before becoming a full time instructor. This experience eventually lead into owning Canary Divers.

Kris’s favourite dives are in the caverns and caves of Mexico, Florida and Wales. In his spare time Kris enjoys Cave, Technical and Rebreather Diving.

Qualifications & memberships

Listed below are some of Kris's Qualifications and memberships:


  • Divemaster
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Open Water instructor
  • Speciality Instructor
  • Assistant Instructor Trainer
  • Master Instructor
  • Instructor Trainer
  • Regional Training Director
  • First Aid Instructor
  • First Aid Instructor Trainer
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operator
  • Rebreather Diver (Poseidon & Inspo)
  • Full Cave Diver
  • Advanced Trimix Diver
  • Technical Diving Instructor
  • Technical Diving Instructor Trainer
  • Cavern Diving Instructor
  • Mixed Gas Blender Instructor
  • Mixed Gas Blender Instructor Trainer
  • Dive Industry Technician / Oxygen Cleaning Technician
  • Cylinder technician (Visual & Hydrostatic)
  • Powerboat
  • HSE Scuba (Part 4)
  • HSE Surface Supplied (Part 3)
  • HSE Surface Supplied Top-up (Part 1)
  • Construction Diver
  • Subsea rigging and Lifting
  • Underwater welding and burning
  • Inspection Diver

Personal Memberships

Professional Memberships

  • National Association of Scuba Educators (NASE)
  • Scuba Schools International (SSI)
  • National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)
  • Heath and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)
  • Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians (ASSET)
  • Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing (IDEST)
  • The Youth Diver Network (YDN)
  • UK Coaching (UKCC)
  • First For Sport (1st4sport)
  • Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

    Kris Fearnley Diving
    Kris Fearnley Diving
    Kris Fearnley Diving
    Kris Fearnley Diving