Technical Diver Training

Extend your bottom time! As a technical diver you can extend your bottom time passed the no decompression limits allowing more time to explore the amazing underwater world, you can also go beyond the recreational diving depth limits with the use of Trimix. At Canary Divers we offer PADI Tec Rec and NASE xTek technical diver courses.

Technical Diving at Canary Divers

Technical Basics and Rescue

This course provides the fundamental skills you need to take part in other technical diving programs. You’ll learn both the equipment and many of the procedures required for decompression diving.
The Technical training progression requires a high degree of competency in skills such as equipment handling, buoyancy control, dive planning and teamwork, which this course helps provide.
This course does not cover actual decompression and/or deep diving but instead focuses on meeting the prerequisites for the next level of training.

Tek 45

This course provides the necessary skills and knowledge for planning and conducting decompression dives to a maximum depth of 45 m/150 ft. Graduates will be able to utilize back gas mixtures of air/nitrox not exceeding a PO2 of 1.4 ATA and utilize oxygen-enriched mixes up to 100 percent for accelerated decompression.

Tek 60

This course is designed to provide the additional skills and knowledge for planning and conducting decompression dives to a maximum depth of 60 m/200 ft using helium based mixtures (Trimix). Graduates will be able to utilize both Normoxic back gas mixtures.

SIdemount £280

Sidemount diving is where the tanks are mounted on either side of the diver rather than on the back, this allows for a very comfortable dive with the added security of having two cylinders with you on the dive.

Cavern Diver £349

You will learn how to use specialized cavern diving equipment, gas management concepts and buddy team skills to safely conduct cavern dives. within the light zone.