Wast Water Dive Site

Please Note:

Canary Divers do NOT conduct training or run trips to this site based on risk. If you choose to dive here canary divers strongly recommend that you are a suitably experienced diver.


Wast Water is in the Western Lake District and is the deepest lake in England at 79 mtrs. The lake can be accessed via the coastal road or via Birker Fell. The lake is very deep and has claimed a number of lives. It is always around 7 degrees C at depth! Access involves lugging kit. It rains often! If returning home via Birker Fell be sure to include a decent surface interval. There are a couple of decent pubs nearby, The Bridge in at Stanton Bridge and the Screes Inn at Nether Wasdale .

The general location of Wast Water is;

Wast Water Dive Site

The location of the dropped pin is in the middle of the three dive sites that will be discussed below.

The second image helps to locate the dive sites with reference to the whole lake.

Wast Water Dive Site

Details of three dive sites are provided, although there are a number of others

Wast Water Dive Site

Dive site 1 : Split Rock. There’s a small 4 car carpark circled from which you can see a three sided wind shelter up on a little hill looking north. The entry point is down a steep embankment which take you down to two beaches, one either side of where the number 1 is on the image above. Entering from the right hand beach looking out across the lake, you will see that a path has been cleared of rocks. Enter here and head to your right to pick up a blue line secured at 3 mtrs. There are dozens of diver deposited items around the rocks from 6 mtrs down to 15 mtrs. Follow the guide line to the rock at 8 mtrs where you’ll find a FLOOD sign. From there three routes exist indicated by 3 lines. Look for and select the thin line. Heading right the thin line steadily goes down to 20 mtrs, the swim takes around 8 mins and the line gradually gets thicker and is secured with a number of large rocks. The line is then pegged down and takes a 90 degree turn at 24 mtrs and goes down to 33 mtrs where you’ll find Split Rock. From there you have the option to continue over the split roch and down to a swim through between two granite boulders the size of semi-detached houses. This continues down to 50 mtrs. Return the same way, retracing your fin strokes and shallow up and you’ll find another large rock at 22 mtrs with a wagon wheel on top of it and champagne bottles on a rock shelf.From there shallow up to the drop off between 16 mtrs and 6 mtrs which is a rocky slope and at 8 mtrs you’ll be back at the FLOOD sign rock. Exit carefully.

Dive site 2: MOTORWAY: entry from Egremont beach marked number 2 on the map, parking available in the big car park circled. Fin in to 7.4m following the line of rocks in to the yellow & black cylinder, then turn left and swim to the trampoline at 8m. From there at a compass heading of 180°, it is a 12-14 minute swim gradually getting deeper from 10m down to 30m, if you reach a white line in the silt(BT Line) it will take you at 27m to the top of the cliffs. At 27-29m is the end of the guide ropes and the top of a stone area. There is a small valley that extends down to the right hand side of the rock face down to 48-55m. At 46m there is a lighthouse, when you reach this point look up at the rock for fantastic views, once at 30m you can follow the BT line to Tiffins Pinnical at 21m, or follow the Motorway guideline back in to shallow up. The line is 150m long and has markers at 6m, 10m, 20m, 30. There is also a shot line used for CBL at 20m weighted with a 25k concrete block. If you follow the line back in turn left at the 10m marker, then swim for 6-8 minutes to reach the trampoline again at 8 mtrs. Again exit carefully due to uneven surfaces.

Dive site 3: The Pinnacles is probably the most well known dive site at Wast Water. It can be entered from pinnacle rock marked with the number 3 and there is parking for about 6 vehicles here but they need decent ground clearance! Entry is via a path has been cleared of big rocks in the shallows. Kit up here and once underwater head slightly left and over the drop off to 6 mtrs where you’ll find the start of the line to the pinnacles. Alternatively you can enter via Egremont beach marked with the number 2 near the big car park. Once in the water head straight out to 6 mtrs where you’ll find a steep little drop off. Follow this contour left (roughly North) until you find the start of the line to the pinnacles.

Once you’ve located the start of the line, currently marked by a publick footpath sign and some air filled tubs on a shot which stops well short of the surface, follow the line for approximately 10 mins, depending on your finning speed, where you’ll find the Pinnacles which start at 12m and goes to down to 48m where you’ll find a washing machine! There’s a gnome garden at 48m and on the way down to this you’ll pass a traffic cone at 20 mtrs which makes a nice way point if you decide to go left along the rock face. It is possible to get to 60m by following the base of the wall to the left but you can pick your depth and just follow the wall along and then retrace your fin strokes to the cone and then up on to the top of the Pinnacles where you’ll find a number of memorial plaques. You can then pick up the line back to the starting point. Exit carefully due to the uneven ground conditions.

Thank you to Simon Fryer for the amazing write up of this site.